Expert carpet repairs in Watford

Often customers whether in the Watford area or elsewhere will unnecessarily replace a worn or damaged carpet which in about 80 percent of cases I could easily repair at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Examples of such common carpet repairs would be the replacing or patching of worn areas ( stairs included ) pet damage, stains, rips, tears and carpet burns.

Fixing and repairing carpets has made up a large part of my workload in the 36 years that I have spent working as a carpet fitter. Over time I have built up a lot of experience in carpet repair and I can usually achieve good results repairing damaged carpets in most cases.

Most carpet repairs are ‘Small jobs’ which is fine with me. Usually they are not urgent and so can fitted in around other jobs in the Watford area, thereby keeping traveling time for me and costs for you to a minimum.

Usually I can give an approximate cost for carpet repairs over the phone. If this is about what you were expecting, then I will happily come to your home in Watford, inspect your carpet repair, give an honest opinion and a free estimate. If accepted, I can usually get on with the work there and then.

I am not registered for VAT and so do not need to charge it to my customers. Therefore the price I quote is the price you pay, saving you 20% over a quote from a bigger company.

If my estimate is more than you were expecting, then there is no obligation and no charge.

Perhaps you are a tenant in Watford and are worried that your landlord will withhold your deposit because of an iron or cigarette burn on the carpet.

I can often repair carpet burns at a fraction of the cost of replacing the carpet or of losing your deposit.

Having a carpet burn repaired in this way involves me cutting out the damaged area and then replacing it with an undamaged piece which has been cut to shape and is then glued into place to complete the carpet repair.

Flights of stairs will often have plenty of life left in them except perhaps for a step or two which may be showing signs of wear. If you have any spare pieces of the original carpet left then it is a simple matter for me to cut out and replace individual worn steps.

Often carpets will become loose and baggy over time, customer’s often describing them as being ‘wavey’ or ‘wrinkled’. It is often a simple matter for me to uplift and stretch the carpets, trim the surplus off of the edges and re-fit the carpet leaving it tight, flat and most of all safe.

I also offer an on-site carpet cleaning service. So if you are having me to repair your carpet then this might be a good time to consider having it cleaned. My carpet cleaning page has more details.

Please phone me now if you have any questions regarding carpet repairs in the Watford area. I will be happy to help.

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